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2023: The Year of the Occupational Health Nurse!

Posted about 1 year ago

A note from your NEAOHN Board of Directors:

It’s Time to Show you Love and Welcome you Back

As we begin a new year, once again Occupational Health Nurses can hold their heads high for successfully delivering services that protected the health of our workers and ensured business continuity while planning for what the future may hold with COVID-19.

We have cared for and shown compassion to our workers and each other, we have shown commitment to our nursing practice and demonstrated our core nursing values.  We have held the trust of those workers we dedicate our days to, while we continued to learn about COVID-19 and creatively developed ways to mitigate risks and bolster confidence in our work practices.

For many of us it was our fellow Occupational Health Nurses who pulled us through and up to whatever direction we needed to move towards.  Knowing colleagues were a phone call or email away was the difference in rowing a boat with a single oar, to sailing on a boat with a crew of the most competent (and of course FUN) group of people.

We have 839 active NEAOHN members in our organization. As you know, we span 10 states from Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware.

Your individual State Chapters and NEAOHN has joined together to thank you for your continued support to our organizations.  Both your state and regional Board of Directors have waived our NEAOHN and state membership fees for the 2023 year if you rejoin between now and May 12, 2023.  (If you have already paid, we will extend your membership through 2024!)

In addition, we are extending this to any new members who reside within our 10 regional states.  Please take this opportunity to introduce your nursing friends to NEOAHN and your state chapters.  Those nursing students and non-occupational health nurse who have been working alongside you for the past few years can formally be introduced to our organizations. Throughout COVID, we introduced so many nurse to our field.  Reach out and introduce your state and NEAOHN to at least two new members.

2023 will be a dynamic year for NEAOHN – stay with us, reconnect with your colleagues and open the door for new members.  Stay tuned…….

Thank you for all you do and for staying the course over these past few years.  Together we have shown the heart of who we are as people and as nurses.  Our commitment to our profession is above reproach.


Gail Carchietta RN, MSE, COHN-S, FAAOHN

President NEAOHN


Bonnie Thornton about 1 year ago

Very nice letter! Thank you Gail for all you have done over the years for our organization and inspiring nurses in the New England chapter.

Margaret Root about 1 year ago

Great idea, thanks Gail and NEAOHN Board!

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