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Are you looking for a side job & also give back to your organization? Paid Position!!!!

Posted 3 months ago by Nancy Clover

Call for Applications

NEAOHN Executive Director – Part Time

  • Work with an amazing group of nurses who are committed to helping other occupational health nurses!
  • Organizes meetings of committees and other working groups by teleconference
  • Prepares and submits required Non-Profit Corporation Forms if needed as described here:
  • Records and maintains records and makes the following records available for review by any member upon request:
    1. All NEAOHN meeting minutes (after Secretary confirms final version).
    2. Non-Profit Corporation Forms.
    3. NEAOHN By-laws.
    4. NEAOHN Policies and Procedures.
    5. NEAOHN Board of Directors including terms.
    6. Names and contact information of NEAOHN members.
    7. Administrative and historical records for the organization.
    8. Updates NEAOHN history on an annual basis and as needed to include awards,
    9. All records will be returned to NEAOHN on completion of service.
  • Proactively completes applicable assigned tasks as follow-up to Board meetings in furthering the goals and strategic initiatives of the organization.
  • Issues ballots prepared by the Nominating Committee as needed.
  • Review and file current rosters and contact information of the Board, committees, members, and other volunteers for the organization.
  • Assists the President in producing and issuing an annual report detailing NEAOHN activities. Gather State annual reports.
  • Assist the state in organizing the annual membership meeting and collaborates with the President in developing an agenda.
  • Selects and procures meeting sites and/or arranges teleconferences for all Board of Directors meetings, and all NEAOHN educational programs.
  • Works with the Education planning committees.
  • Assists the communication chair to maintain contact list to announce NEAOHN conferences and educational events.
  • Oversee the NEAOHN CNE credit application process.
  • Plans and implements marketing and advertising of NEOAHN educational events with Webmaster.
  • Works with the Treasurer on financial transactions and bookkeeping matters.
  • Orients new board members and provides relevant documents to assist with their orientation.
  • Coordinates annual NEAOHN Awards process.
  • Assist Webmaster if needed on member recruitment and retention activities.
  • Issues a welcome letter to all new members.
  • When a NEAOHN member passes away, works with the President to:
    1. Develops a policy on remembrances
    2. Send condolences on behalf of the Board
    3. Inform members
  • Other duties may be assigned upon vote of the Board of Directors

Additional Information:

  • Terms of service: Minimum Two-year commitment.
  • The individual in this paid position is selected and approved by the NEAOHN Board of Directors.
  • Position administratively reports to the NEAOHN President and strategically to the Board of Directors.
  • Payment $35.00 per hour up to $5000 per year.
  • To be paid quarterly: Jan- Mar paid on Mar 31; April-June paid on June 30; July-Sept. paid Sept 30; Oct-Dec paid Dec. 31.
  • Payment upon receipt of quarterly report or dashboard of activities and hours worked.
  • This is an independent contractor position – a 1099 will be issued, NEAOHN will not withhold taxes.
  • Travel to any in-person meetings will be reimbursed at the current IRS mileage rate.
  • Overnight hotel expenses will be reimbursed when the ED is required to be present at Board meetings necessitating overnight stay (e.g. night prior to evening Board meeting associated with NEAOHN Conference).
  • Any other expenses must be preapproved.
  • Estimated hours weekly or monthly may vary depending on needs.
  • This Agreement may be terminated for non-performance by the NEAOHN Board of Directors.

For more information contact NEAOHN Vice President Gail Carchietta at: