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President's Message- November 2020

Posted about 1 year ago by Carol Parks

Hello NEAOHN Members:

I hope this end of the year message finds you and your families healthy.  It has been a year in which occupational health nursing has been in the forefront of our workplaces, and we have all worked harder than we ever thought possible. Your NEAOHN Board of Directors continued marching on and looking toward the future.

Building your professional network; opportunities to keep current on forward-looking information; and exploring career prospects within our field are three of the many reasons we should continue our membership in our professional organization.  Our memberships in AAOHN, NEAOHN, and your State and local chapters offer us an abundance of resources and connections to amazing professionals.  This year more than ever, the networking resources have been lifelines for many of us. 

Over the past few years, your NEAOHN Board of Directors working closely with our State Presidents have been adjusting to the changes within our national organization to ensure that we remain a viable, current and valuable connection to our members.  We have adjusted our sails to support our members who are not sponsored by their employers and provided a lifeline for our retired members in an effort to encourage continued involvement for all they have to offer us in experience, historical perspective, and innovative thinking from a new “retiree” perspective.   Though many of our chapters are having challenges, NEAOHN continues to look forward, identifying ways we can carry the load for our states encouraged by remembering the heartbeat of the fellowship that is felt at our NEAOHN conferences.

It is the time of year that we are looking for officers to serve on a team whose goal continues to be to provide exposure to occupational health nurses and professional opportunities in your own northeast region.  You will not be taking this step alone, there is a team standing alongside you as we look toward a brighter 2021.  Please take a look at our positions and our newest position of Executive Director we modeled after the success MaAOHN has had with the same position. 

I encourage each of you to actively engage with your community of occupational health nurses. The friendships you will develop along with the professional experience you will gain is tenfold to the time you will contribute.  An organization survives with active involvement and input from its membership.  Take a chance and volunteer – you will not be alone or left with a heavy burden.  Many hands make light work.

It has been an honor serving you the last eight years as your Vice President and President. I look forward to offering support and guidance to our 2021 Board of Directors.  There is more I would like to contribute to this wonderful organization which has given me more than I could have imagined.  NEAOHN has often been a respite from my day job, and each encounter has always left me with a smile, hopeful heart, and energy to move forward.

Gail Carchietta,
President NEAOHN