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Crafters - please help make masks & faceshields for healthcare providers

Posted 7 months ago by Nancy Clover

It is with great sadness that I am asking any crafters out there to please make masks and face shields for our healthcare providers.

This is a link to a Massachusetts hospital looking for help but many Boston hospitals and others around our region also need them. 

How to Sew CDC-Compliant Face Masks

  • Use tightly woven cotton fabric (T shirts doubled work well).
  • Wash and dry fabric before sewing

so masks don’t shrink.

  • Follow the patterns at one of the links below.
  • Single-Layer Mask Video: 

  • Double-Layer Mask Video: 

  • Men’s Mask for Experienced Sewers:


Face Shield Parts

  • Vinyl –16 or 20 gaugemarine grade vinyl
  • Foam –1 inch by 1 inch (cut down from larger sheets, if necessary)
  • Elastic –Preference 3/8to ½ inch (larger might require two staples per side) (may also use hair ties
  • Double-sided tape –1 inch industrial grade mounting tape (Gorilla, Scotch)

General information only. Providence used these guidelines, with other information and our own experience, to create face shields for our own internal use.

You should conduct your own reviews and consider the quality and other issues before creating face shields or other products on your own.

 Thank you for being a healthcare provider!!!

Take care and be safe.