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Wanted Posters!!! Yes, we want your POSTERS!!!! And possible win a scholarship!

Posted 10 months ago by Nancy Clover

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Create a poster to be displayed at the reception of the NECOEM/MaAOHN/NEAOHN Conference on Dec 5, 2019 and receive a scholarship of $200 for the first 10 posters that are accepted. The scholarship can be used toward registration or having an electronic poster display ( electronic means you do not have to print your poster) to be used towards registration for the 2019 NECOEM/MaAOHN/NEAOHN conference on Dec 5-6 in Newton, MA. For more info on the conference go to
* Diane Doyker will be coordinating the posters this year and we would really like to have some posters created by nurses!
* Occ Health Nurses have great ideas and are so creative – Let’s showcase this talent!
* The posters may be an overview of a project, problem, question, research, case study or success story.
* Diane will be accepting poster abstracts, which means you do not have to have the poster completed just information on what you will be doing the poster on.
* Donna Ferreira has generously agreed to share her poster (see attached) – “Blue Prints for Successful Poster Presentation”.
* Please remember you may also use your poster to apply for a NEAOHN conference grant (apply for one of the $500 grants) and at AAOHN if you so desire. To apply for a NEAOHN grant go to
* If you need additional information please contact:
Diane Doyker
Donna Ferreira
Nancy Clover


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