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NEAOHN President's Message - July 8, 2019

Posted about 1 year ago by Carol Parks

A Message from the NEAOHN President Gail Carchietta RN, MSE, COHN-S, FAAOHN

July 8, 2019


“People with passion can change the world.”  (Steve Jobs)

NEOAHN and your State boards have been working very hard these past six months to incorporate the changes within our national organization.  NEAOHN and most northeast states have passed new bylaws to align with national, and the remaining states should be completed by the end of July.

Almost all northeast states including NEAOHN have a website on Nursing Network.  Please be sure to ‘follow “both the NEAOHN website and your own state website to keep updated with information.  You may want to consider following your neighbor states to take advantage of nearby educational opportunities

As our chapters are adapting to change, next on our agenda is refreshing our annual NEAOHN conference.  Traditionally this conference has offered excellent programs around the NEAOHN region as we enjoyed time with our colleagues, and left enlightened and energized.  As our conference committee is working on this, we have taken the opportunity for NEAOHN to join with the MaAOHN/NECOEM conference this year on Dec.5 and 6th, 2019 at the Newton – Boston Marriott.   This conference has always offered engaging programs with over 300 attendees.  Many of our MaAOHN board members have served on the planning committee for many years.  Our NEAOHN Annual Meeting will be held during lunch on Thursday, at which time we will present our Medique Awards.  Stay tuned for more information and a link with more detailed conference information. This will give us time to refresh the 2020 NEAOHN conference.

The 2019 AAOHN Annual Conference in Jacksonville this past April was a success.  I saw many friendly faces, and wanted to take time to honor our own NEAOHN members who participated in the conference as follows: 

  • Leadership Seminar (Sandy Cinque (NJ)
  • Smooth Sailing through the OSHA VPP Audit, Donna Ferreira (MA), and Juanita Wilson (PA
  • Health Promotion / Wellbeing-Practice Exchange Maggie Finucane, (NY)
  • NP Bootcamp Skills for the NP in OH – Sarah Foster-Chang (PA) and Yolanda Lang (PA)
  • Success & Failures of Developing and Implementing a Workplace Wellness Program: Project Post-Mortem – Chris Lewandowski (NJ) and Andrew Tabussi (NJ)
  • AAOHN Leadership Institute: Step UP, Stand Out, Lead: Kim Olszewski (PA), Jeannie Tomlinson (CT) and Steve Marks (NJ)
  • I'm an OHN Now. So What do I do? Jeannie Tomlinson (CT)
  • Upper Extremity Pearls SOS (Significance on Screening) Diane Olejar (NY)
  • Opportunity at the Intersection of Occupational Health Delivery, Employer Benefits and Corporate Culture Catherine Pepler (NH)
  • Have we moved the dial on Total Workers Health, Nancy Pritchard (PA )
  • Tuberculosis, Trends, Diagnosis, Treatment and Resources- What you Need to Know and Using the Windshield Survey and I PREPARE Mnemonic to Make Better Employee Assessments Chad RIttle (PA)
  • Practice Exchange-Consulting and Preventing Injuries: Applying the Total Workers Health Model- Deb Roy (ME)
  • Navigating the Channel into Total Worker Health: Tips on how to Successfully Implement TWH, Debra Wolf (PA).

Thank you to our members for informative and enlightening sessions.  If your chapter is looking for a speaker you may want to reach out to these talented colleagues!

Remember, you are always invited to participate in your local, state or regional chapters.  Think about becoming more active in your chapter.  Motivation is an internal process, I guarantee that if you put yourself in the presence of your local, state or regional board members you will become inspired.  A special thank you to our board members for their hard work during this transition.  NEAOHN remains strong and viable as we continue to move forward advancing occupational health.