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Posted over 1 year ago by Nancy Clover

Hello NEAOHN members!

This is not only a test of our membership using the NEAOHN Nursing Network page but also to share some exciting things the NEAOHN Board has been doing and let you know about an online course for an occ health MSN program!

NEAOHN Board held a strategic planning meeting last weekend and accomplished much!


NEAOHN Mission statement:

We are committed to supporting our members in a way that leverages knowledge, experience, and skills to promote professional and leadership development through education, mentoring, and networking.


We updated our bylaws, discussed dues structures, our website, conference planning and so much more!


Our president Gail Carchietta kept us on task and set immediate, short term and long term goals.

Donna Ferreira led a SCOT analysis ( strengths, challenges, opportunities, threats).

Anne Lafontaine was there to give us some historical perspective.

Gail’s meatballs & pasta, Nancy’s eggplant, scones & cookies were delicious but Steve Mark’s beer can chicken was outstanding.

Thanks to all who brought snacks, drinks (there was a lot of this), ideas, excitement and laughter!

 Photos are available in the photo gallery on this site.

Stay tuned for much more info on the new NEAOHN! – as Steve would say Let’s Make NEAOHN Great!!!!


Now is the time to reach out to your local & state AAOHN chapters and say – What can I do for my country, no that isn’t right – what can I do for my profession? 

“Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart.” – Elizabeth Andrew


Greetings friends of the University of Cincinnati Occupational Health Nursing MSN Program!

Please help us spread the news that we are currently accepting applications for the Fall Semester OHN MSN program.

  • The program is a national hybrid distance learning program with online courses.
  • Competitively awarded stipend funds are still available for eligible applicants admitted for Fall Semester.  
  • Enrollment deadline for Fall Semester is April 30, 2019.

 ‘For more information or to set up a phone or in-person information appointment, please contact:

Susan Reutman, PhD, MPH, RN

Director, Occupational Health Nursing Graduate Program



For information on UC College of Nursing admission state restrictions, please check the following link:



Patricia Leonard over 1 year ago

Thanks for the update.
Looking forward to working with you

Yonna Heath over 1 year ago

This is great! I appreciate it...

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