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Occupational Health NP-Short Term Assignment

Pittsburg, CA


Hiring Company

Business Health Solutions, PC

Positions Available

Full Time

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Position Description

Business Health Solutions, PC is a leader in providing occupational health, safety, and environmental professionals and expertise to the business community. We are excited to have an opportunity with a valued client in Pittsburg, CA for an Occupational Health Nurse/Nurse Practitioner for a temporary assignment. This position performs under the general direction of the Regional Health Director and within the general framework of the Health Services Operating Discipline and Clinical Guidelines of our client.

Clinical Care Role:

  • Provide nursing assessment and interventions within the scope of practice of the practitioner. Assessment includes obtaining a complete history, performing a physical assessment noting deviations from the norm, ordering medical testing and making a nursing assessment. Interventions include selecting, administering or ordering medications, physical therapy, specialist consultations and recommending medical limitations or restrictions to activity, all within the Clinical Guidelines approved by the site physician.
  • Evaluate employees with work-related injuries and illnesses and/or personal medical conditions for their fitness for duty.This includes obtaining and reviewing company and external health and position information, completing a medical history and performing any needed physical assessments in order to define the appropriate work placement for the employee’s medical status.
  • Provide travel health counseling and services for business travelers. This includes counseling on specific health concerns based on the traveler’s itinerary and providing or arranging the recommended immunizations, medications or other interventions needed.
  • Provide Case Management services, as defined in the Health Services Operating Discipline, for work related cases and for identified personal cases. Case management includes obtaining and reviewing health and position information on a case, developing a specific plan for returning the employee to the highest level of job capability given the medical condition and then monitoring, tracking and communicating progress.
  • Medical Review Board (MRB) Participation. An MRB may be requested by the practitioner to address complex or difficult medical, job or personal issues complicating the management of a case. The practitioner will then contribute Health Services expertise to the MRB as it develops a strategy and will implement the specific steps identified for Health Services by that strategy
  • Develop the specific Health Assessment Program plan for assigned employee groups, using the Health Services Operating Discipline. This includes evaluating plant or department chemical and physical agent hazards, exposure information and regulatory and company standards to determine the specific testing and frequency needed for employees in the group. This process is done with the support of the Industrial Hygiene delivery technician with administrative support from Corporate Health Services.
  • Provide Health Assessment services. This includes completing required physical assessments of employees noting deviations from the norm and performing other selected tests as needed at the site.
  • Provide Health Assessment employee review. This includes reviewing the results of the history, physical examination, functional and laboratory testing and determining the need for follow-up or work place restrictions, all within the Clinical Guidelines approved by the site physician. These determinations are communicated to the employee in person or in writing. Determinations of the employee’s fitness for work are communicated to management.
  • Create Health Assessment Program Plant Health Report. Corporate Health Services will aggregate Health Assessment information for all employees in a plant or department. This information is reviewed to determine if any occupationally related health concerns or trends are noted for the group and also to assess the general preventive health status of the group. Aggregate reports must include 15 or more employees to be shared outside of Health Services. A formal report of the conclusions is prepared and sent to supervision and Delivery. If needed, additional interventions including potential follow-up studies will be developed. The Plant Health report may be communicated to employees in writing or by presentations.
  • Provide Preventive Health Services. The practitioner provides health promotion and disease prevention strategies using primary, secondary and tertiary prevention principles. This role is met through individual employee counseling, participation in Plant Health Risk review and audits and through health education and training programs offered to employees using adult learning approaches. Regional Health Promotion Coordinator provides standard Corporate Health Services Programs and materials.


  • Bachelors or Masters degree in nursing (BSN/NP) or equivalent desirable.
  • Current licensure as a Registered Nurse (RN) or Nurse Practitioner (NP) in the state of California
  • Certification in Occupational Health Nursing is desirable.
  • BCLS Certification Required
  • Detailed knowledge of anatomy, physiology, toxicology, health promotion, lifestyle risk factors and ergonomics, especially as related to the occupational environments is essential.
  • Specific training in physical skills assessment and in the theory and implementation of specific medical testing is expected.
  • Certification in Hearing Conservation and Spirometry is desirable.
  • Breath Alcohol Testing certification is desirable.
  • Proficiency in phlebotomy and EKG testing is also required.
  • In addition, knowledge of the laws, regulations and standards governing health and safety for employees is necessary.
  • Practical knowledge of the principles of epidemiology, safety, industrial hygiene, wellness and behavioral change theory.

Job Experience:

  • Three to five years experience in nursing
  • Three to five years experience in Occupational Health Nursing desirable

Human Relations:

  • Requires strong interpersonal skills, (negotiation skills), persuasiveness, diplomacy and tact to provide coordination of health care for employees.
  • Must interact with plant and site supervision, business leaders, non-exempt, and hourly personnel in all functions.
  • Must interact with peers and functional leaders at other sites to exchange technical information and encourage sharing of ideas.

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Employers use Nursing Network daily to search for the perfect candidate. Get listed so they can discover you.

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