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Registered Nurse

Richmond, VA


Hiring Company

Sheltering Arms Institute

Positions Available

Full Time, Part Time

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Position Description

RN/Clinical Nurse


Sheltering Arms Institute, a collaboration with VCU Health is scheduled to open its doors in late spring 2020. Sheltering Arms Institute combines inpatient beds from Sheltering Arms Hospital and VCU Health to create a multi-million dollar state-of-the-art destination hospital and is a leader in rehabilitation medicine throughout the mid-Atlantic region. The organizational values and transdisciplinary approach to care catalyze improvements in patient outcomes and the realization of Sheltering Arms Institute’s vision to reinvent rehabilitation. SAI leaders and team members align behaviors with this approach to build team cohesion and to foster a culture that team members, patients, families and community members experience during their interactions with the Institute.


Sheltering Arms Institute is seeking a RN/Clinical Nurse to join the team.  The RN/Clinical Nurse integrates technical skills and theoretical knowledge to meet the needs of the patient and family. Assists the health care team with the prevention of illness and injury, maintenance of wellness, and provision of comfort.  Provides direction, education, and begins to acquire leadership skills at the unit level.  Delivers and accurately documents direct, age-specific care to a patient or group of patients based on medical orders and an integrated, multidisciplinary plan of care.  Safely administers prescribed medications, identifying incompatibilities and/or interactions.

Performance Responsibilities


Transdisciplinary Care

  • Ensures all team members are oriented to the transdisciplinary culture and expectations on the unit. Cleary communicates the structure, practice, and expectations of the Sheltering Arms Institute care model.
  • Provides support and coaching to team members to help them transition into and maintain a philosophy of transdisciplinary teamwork through role release and maintaining the highest standards of patient satisfaction.
  • Models transdisciplinary behavior and leadership, assists in setting unit expectations regarding behavior, assists families and patients with their needs to foster a more collaborative, meaningful, and engaged patient care experience.
  • Facilitates access to and engagement with formal and informal interprofessional education for all team members, including learners.


Nursing Process

The Clinical Nurse demonstrates competent use of the nursing process as a problem-solving model in performance of job duties as evidenced by:

  • Performs assessment and identifies appropriate nursing diagnosis and/or patient care standard.
  • Develops, implements and evaluates plan of care on assigned patients.
  • Integrates the medical treatment plan into the nursing plan of care.
  • Utilizes resources and validates information to maintain standards of Clinical Practice.
  • Demonstrates the skill and judgment necessary to safely implement interventions and procedures as necessary for the care of the patient.
  • Recognizes the need to prioritize and organize patient care.


Nurse/Patient Relationship

The Clinical Nurse demonstrates ability to develop and maintain a therapeutic nurse/patient relationship throughout the health care continuum as evidenced by:

  • Recognizes the need for various communication styles.
  • Seeks assistance in utilizing the most appropriate strategy.
  • Identifies routine factors affecting patient’s physical and/or psychosocial comfort.
  • Attends to these needs per standards.
  • Seeks assistance to achieve patient outcomes.
  • Recognizes the need for patient and family to participate in care.
  • Seeks assistance, as appropriate, to assess patient and family readiness to participate.
  • Recognizes need for individualized, holistic and non-judgmental approach to care.
  • Seeks out resources to meet patient needs.



The Clinical Nurse demonstrates a commitment to identifying and meeting the current learning needs of patients and families or other healthcare team members as evidenced by:

  • Begins to identify patient/family learning needs.
  • Initiates and evaluates teaching using patient teaching protocols, patient care standards and critical paths.
  • Seeks assistance as appropriate.
  • Identifies own learning needs.
  • Seeks resources to meet learning needs.


Leadership/Collaboration & Professional Development

The Clinical Nurse demonstrates respect and understanding for peers and other clinical disciplines and participates as an effective member of the patient care team to formulate an integrated approach based upon current evidence and on the mission of the department as evidenced by:

  • Contributes to effective operation of the unit.
  • Incorporates current unit based practice goals and nursing care guidelines/policies and procedures.
  • Utilizes nursing care guidelines/policies and procedures are evidence-base resources to identify nursing practice issues.
  • Seeks out and values collaborative relationships between nursing and other disciplines.
  • Identifies the need for effective communication, feedback, and conflict resolution skills.
  • Begins to demonstrate the use of effective communication, feedback, and conflict resolution skills.
  • Seeks out assistance as appropriate.
  • Sets professional practice goals with guidance.
  • Begins to explore opportunities and resources for professional growth.


Miscellaneous Responsibilities

  • Performs other duties as assigned and/or participates in special projects in order to support the mission of Sheltering Arms Institute and department.
  • Provides assistance to team members.
  • Accepts alternate assignments as required.


Qualifications and Skills


  • Clinical I: N/A
  • Clinical II: >/= 12 to 24 months RN experience
  • Clinical III: >/= 3 years of clinical experience
  • Clinical IV: >/= 5 years of clinical experience
  • Clinical V: > 5 years of clinical experience



  • Clinical I: Experience as a LPN, nursing assistant or care partner in either an acute care setting or as applicable to area of practice.
  • Clinical II, Clinical III, Clinical IV, Clinical V: Academic Health Care Experience; Experience with similar patient population in either an acute care setting or as applicable to area of practice.




  • Graduate of an accredited RN nursing program required
  • RN - Licensed Registered Nurse
  • AHA BLS HCP Certification or equivalent



  • Completion of a Baccalaureate Degree in Nursing from an accredited program.


Qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability or protected veteran status.

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Employers use Nursing Network daily to search for the perfect candidate. Get listed so they can discover you.

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